Castle Miner Z (X360) or Neverwinter (PC)?

wondering if anyone wants to play castle miner z on xbox 360. my friend and i wanted to kill the final dragon to unlock dragon endurance but helps if you have more than just 2 people lol

or neverwtiner for PC. If you haven’t played it before, you should. Its a F2P on steam and awesome!

Just add me on either, but post here if you wanna play any of them.

Steam: aden34

Xbox Live: SJN Aden

I used to have Castle Miner Z, but that was an older account and I lost the game :anguished: It’s funny because I actually don’t have enough money on my bank account to buy it again either which is truly sad considering the game is what, like $1? I’ll play something else on the Xbox with ya, Idk what though.

Lately, I’ve just looked at my Xbox in disappointment because I’ve played the sh*t outta all my games, and I don’t know what to play anymore!

thats how i am, which is kind of why im going back to castle miner z since i haven’t played that in a while. my friend and i would play that for like 3 hours every night and then eventually just stopped.

Omg Castle Miner Z was like the best time I’ve ever had in a game :laughing: It makes me smile just thinking about it.

I’m down for some Castle Miner Z! Add me; Seadrome