Caution with Fifa 12 VP Tool

Attention. I call it the tool FIFA VP Tool risk of being banned . My friends banned 3 Month )=

If you are going to post this, please provide proof that it was for that reason and not for anything else.

It would be better if you could post some kind of proof showing us that they got banned. I haven’t seen any other reports of bans. You don’t want to get members worried for nothing.

As of yet no bans have been said of…
Nor was there any bans in FIFA 11.

So I highly doubt there will be any bans this year.

People probably reported your friend.

Bans on Fifa lol… now i’ve heard it all…

It’s only a game save that’s actually being modified.

Doubt they’re that harsh.

He’s mad, because people are using it against him, that’s my bet.

ive seen a quote off one of the fifa devs on twitter stating its ‘easy’ to find you and there will be bans. so unlucky…

"@RomilyBroad Are people who have hacked VPs going to get banned? If so, how? is there some kind of method you use to wipe them all at once?

@iStapylton Yeah, we’ll be banning those using hacked VPs. Actually really easy for us to see anyone using them."

He also said this last year… they never banned…

I have seen some tweets about EA actually banning people apparently
Ill search and see if i can find something.

But i have not been banned yet either.

When modding anything there is a chance of getting banned…

The quote can be found here:


Robert Bowling also tweeted about MW3 bans and not many of them were actually given out.

I don’t think they’re gonna ban. EA is the worst community of the history and don’t give a _ about the “people”.

The only thing they care about is money. As long as people are buying their games and keep supporting their Ultimate Team then that’s the only mode they’re gonna maintenance!..

They removed the overall in the lobbies of Pro Clubs so they wouldn’t get all those ban requests because they weren’t bothered at all.

LOL a post on EA forum:

23/01/2012 03:11:33

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If you guys are reading this now then you guys love FIFA 12 and are outraged at the fact that the hacked virtual

pro’s are back from FIFA 11 to haunt us again. Apparently this hack was released 1/20/2012 on a dutch hacking

website called HORIZON. Over 40,000 players have already downloaded the file and applied it to their Pro’s and that

number is GROWING! Its upsetting that this hack is available when only 4 months have passed since FIFA 12 was

released. EA Sports needs to resolve this ASAP or else the FIFA community will come down on them HARD!

Its not fair to the people who pay money and play this game fairly and competitively for these people to ruin it for us all.

I hope this post starts building steam and if you guys feel the same way then please lend your voices so we can stop this from getting out of hand.


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anyone who has experienced this, pm me with details of what the hack is, the hackers. And, if possible, how it is performed. So I can forward it to the devs.

Even a few ppl had uploaded ppls modded pros stats card. Maybe some repercussions or perhaps they might patch it?

Horizon is a force to be reckon with. Horizon is what game creators fear! I love it!

I have never heard of EA giving out Bans, it’s highly unlikely that you would get banned unless you got caught though

Also its not even possible to get your skills to 127 the maximum is 99 that’s the best thing about the tool !

You have an Advantage over any player while your playing online Pro Clubs.

you can still have an advantage without going over the legit overalls, my pro is 89 striker overall, but his stats are all maxed out :wink:

I just hope they do not go through with this has it may result in your other EA online games being affected…

a dutch hacking website called HORIZON. Over 40,000 players have already downloaded the file and applied it to their Pro’s.

What did I just read :S