CD Keys (PC, Xbox, PS, etc)

Not really any one deal, but I’ve been using them to buy steam keys as of late on new AAA games at half the retail price. Keys and the site are completely legitimate and safe to use. Worth keeping an eye out on some of the prices, especially with xmas coming up. It has something for everyone and has great deals on XBL membership also.

Delivery is immediate through e-mail, so no waiting. I highly recommend them. Every little saving helps. If you like their Facebook page you get a further 5% off also.


I also use this site. It doesn’t make sense to buy games directly from steam anymore haha

Is that site basically like g2a? I’ve bought a few through the latter and had no problems.

Yep, best to compare prices before buying. Ive never had a problem with G2A even ive not bought much there.
I dont know about this site but if they deliver fast and easy i guess its just up to the price what site to choose.

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There are a bunch of sites like these.

are two of the ones I know of.

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Weird, kinguin messaged us recently wanting to do a partnership.

I’ve used G2A. Going to have to check this out.

I’ve used Kinguin and G2A but I’ve never heard of this site. I’ll give it a shot

They’re pretty big in the esports scene, They’ve got a CS:GO and HOTS team and IIRC they were going to be getting a League of legends team.

Can vouch for CDKeys after @Zodiac told me about it. Used it literally 2 days ago to purchase live lol. Got my code right after I paid.
Also anyone know whether its worth it buying Xbox One games off these websites? Or would you just recommend PC games.

Never bought Xbox games from there but I’m assuming it’s the same as the PC keys, just a matter of paying, getting the key via e-mail and redeeming on XBL.

I’ve also used G2A in the past, but found them to be more slightly more expensive. Never had a problem with them though, I know TTG are partnered with them.

Never used Instant Gaming, but have heard of Kinguin but again I’ve never used it. Like you said Dazzuh, there’s a few to choose from, it’s just the fact the people are always hesitant to use these sites for some reason or would rather pay full price on Steam.

I avoid g2a like the plague after the stuff that happened to me. Never had any problems with Kinguin.

What happened to you? I’m curious since I’ve used them a couple times.

I’ve purchased around 7 CS:GO copies from them (all without G2A Shield), never had an issue for those. But I purchased a BO3 copy (again, no G2A Shield) and it was used, had to purchase another one. I went to their support to ask the seller for a refund, but basically got screwed because Steam Support won’t give you the activation time for the used key, so you’re unable to get a refund.

G2A is a decent site, but if you’re about to buy from them, G2A Shield or get ■■■■■■.

I’ve also purchased BO3 and Dark Souls II from cdkeys, everything went smooth, immediately got my key upon purchase.

Bad keys. Support took over 2 months to just to resolve 1 problem which is really unacceptable.

Usually it’s best to buy from the guys with tons of rep? I’ve never had an issue with G2A at any point. Always use the shield for the extra buck or so.

The only thing the shield gives you is priority support and that’s pretty much it. Other than that it’s pretty useless to even get.

Yeah, but cant you just buy the shield. Believe if you subscibe it cost like 1 euro a month.
Not that much, when you know what you buy is often cheaper than steam and that you are guaranteed to get it.

I personally use Kinguin. Bought a few things from them never had any issues. I’ve always got the protection addon just in case

I use cjs-cdkeys not as cheap sometimes but i have never had any problems with them and i’ve bought a lot of keys.

G2A is pretty stupid and their shield is just an excuse for charging extra. If you are selling stuff on your site, isn’t it already your responsibility to make sure it is exactly what you are advertising and i don’t have to worry about getting scammed, also that i get priority support shield or not. After the shield charges, their prices are exactly the same as other key sites so i never saw any advantage to using them.

If you don’t mind using a Brazilian VPN… you could try Nuuvem. Games there are dirt cheap. They have been cracking down on that lately from what I read. Gamesplanet is pretty nice too.

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