CE raid chest

If you passed up the deathsinger fight in the raid this week you will have an extra chest to pop in the pit area. Since the new patch update today before reset tomorrow, the 1st exotic chest moved to the ir yut’s drop so her non drop has become a shard drop and has been moved to the pit chest.

She didnt have a drop before so many people skipped the battle by checkpoint swapping if so your in luck.

Happy Hunting Guardians.

I’m glad they have done this. Felt a bit silly doing the death singer but and receiving nothing.

def. but i think they could have kept both as exotic drops since i personally haven’t seen one from either bridges just crota and pit chest and even then only got 1 exotic from raid over 3 toons,

Hey JYD1433, thanks for making me think I had a dead pixel ya turd.

dont know how i did… but anytime glock anytime haha

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Also, you can kinda cheese the deathsinger. Just get a warlock to throw grenades up through the floor underneath the room. As you drop down after the shriekers, look up and you’ll see the crystal. Just throw grenades there.