Certain non modded games not working on modded xbox

So I got a modded Xbox years ago with a ton of modded games, all well and good but now I’ve played through them all and have started buying second hand games from Cex. I’ve started to notice certain game titles not working such as far cry 4, injustice gods among us, red dead redemption, red dead redemption zombies and gta v so far. I’m wondering could it be that the software used to mod it is out of dates as I got it done in 2012 and many older title games still work. Is there anything I can do to get them to play.

TDLR: Old modded xbox 360 won’t play new not modded games.

Is this a JTAG / RGH?

If so, have you updated the dashboard?

I’m not sure, I’m still a complete newb to this, I think JTAG. It’s got XexLoader, XexMenu 1.1, xm360 v1.5b, and NXE2GOD on it. How do you update the dashboard? I’ve only just downloaded Horizon and finally have been able to get in and view the files on the harddrive. Thanks for the help I got it hacked in China years ago and I’m trying understand what they did

Can’t help you with updating the dashboard but:

Game discs (at least some of them) come with dashboard updates on them. I assume the reason for this is that games require a certain dashboard version, probably the one latest at the time, to work properly.

Be careful updating the console, doing something wrong can brick it.

Wooooooo!!! I figured it out. I had to figure out my mod, then figure out my cpu key, then figure out my motherboard type. It turned out to be corona which was a bit of a ball ache. then I had to find a guide on how to update a corona motherboard to bypass the error message because they’re 4gb or some ■■■■. Took like 5 hours and I burst a blood vessel in my but its updated and now a ton of games that I thought were bust work perfectly including the non cracked games… I AM HACKER MAN!!!

I didnt see your messages. Either way. Good job :3

Great. Now if you managed to do that, pirating games should be easy.

Thanks guy’s I’m dead chuffed :slight_smile: