Certain Trainers are not working on some games

I’ve had issues with a few other games like this but most recently I’m having issues with Like a Dragon Gaidens trainer. I have made a custom path and made an exception through my anti virus to let wemod through with no luck. i am kind of at a loss here. Its only for certain games too. I have a log file but the forums will not let me upload it.

I can’t speak to all the games you’re having issues with but Like a Dragon’s Gaiden specifically just updated 11/13 which is likely the cause of the issues you’re having with that trainer. if its not all but only certain games you have issues with I would suggest investigating if this is similarly true of those games. Beyond that I can’t provide much advice without further details.

i appreciate the reply. I decided to reinstall WeMod again and it decided to work now lol. Thanks though!