CG Board Rapid Fire

So I have a CG board but can I make rapid fire to wire two wires? like this:

no lol

you have to buy a chip.

At this tutorial he says that it can also with CG board.
YouTube - 3min how to install xbox360 rapid fire mod from mw2-mw1-gta4-halo-nazi zombiescod5-

Of course. The sqaure is a button, and you solder the wires to the points.

So I can follow the tutorial and it is alright?

i would follow this one instead and when they say solder it to the Player 4 LED solder it to the bottom of it

like this? or only at the player 4 led?

the black line should go to the P4 LED :smile:

How did you know that?
I have never seen that before

i work for silentmodz haha :smile:

lol @ i iz random and silentzmodz make modded controllers all the time thats how he knows

for this site?!
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OMG you’re good!

lololol yeah that site :smile: your url is jacked up though :smile: you copied the javascript :wink:


haha nah the link is right he messed up the title of the link :smile:

Lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

haha it’s a nice job :smile: if you have any questions feel free to pm me :wink:

so i solder a wire at the bottom of the player 4 led and a wire to the other thing.

gimme a few mins i’ll make a visual tut for you :wink:

I wired mine to the Middle point, which is the trigger, and the + of the vibrate thing.