Change the Download buttons link to a redirect link on a trustworthy CDN

The place that the button takes us is to a Malicious site. ""
Here is a recent scan result of it at VirusTotal
You could easily replace this link with a redirect-link to a mediafire upload of the most recent program update. Media Fire allows free hosting of files as well as paid subscriptions. This would be the best idea to use cause then the download button could actually be used for its main purpose, which is to allow a person to download the program straight from your site.

<a href=“” class=“custom_downloads download_link” style=“float:right;”> </a>

This is also is a recommendation on moving to a different host for your site.

The download link redirects to the download manager which we have selected to use and that will not be changed any time soon. Why would we change host for the site?

if you go to in chrome or Comodo Dragon what does the page come up as? Mine comes up as a security error in the tab, the page is red and has a warning on that this site might contain harmful programs; If you go to the details on it will say Google Safe Browsing recently found harmful programs on The part where it says recently found harmful programs thats unlined with a link to
which will give you the details on why i said host change

They’re all false positives.

Changing host won’t make a difference as far as the warning goes and we aren’t really worried about it. That is not the main download link and is only given out as an alternative when users have an issue with the packaged installer. Google flagging that download is just a false positive seeing as it is just the horizon installer and nothing else.

when i click the 1st link on chrome it starts downloading horizon…

and the tool is 100% safe, i mean the thousands upon thousands of people who download on a regular basis will tell you that.
and the host has never been a problem in all the years ive downloaded the tool from them. changing the host is irrelevant after so many years.

EDIT- let me guess your AVP is McAfee right, if so that screen will only come up because your AVP has intervened and is warning you the links attempting to autodownload, (Just tried on my laptop where my AVP is McAfee it came up the red error page)

but like i said its still irrevelant to change host, atleast your AVP is working :thumbsup:

Now your Download button on the home page points to a Phishing site.

and no not McAfee (piss), I use AVG and i have added the url of the main site, and the forums to my exceptions list, so that shouldn’t be a problem.