Change the region on an Xbox Live Account?

Is It possible to change the region of an Xbox Live account?

Because I have a Silver Account with 1500MS points and I cant use them since it is a child account and not allowed to download anything.

The region the account is under is New Zealand.
I’m pretty sure their is a law against downloading stuff from the internet while under 18 yrs old.
So I guess thats why, Thanks in advance.

You can go into family settings and set it to allow to download anything :smile: Otherwise you can only transfer it to regions like Africa and places like that not the US or UK

Ok ill try that

Nahh, didnt work But I never had family settings on in the first place, but It still says " Downloads are prohibited for child accounts in your Region… "

Go on then go to accounts then click.

Ill give that a go

It comes up with this.

Then you have to wait till your account turns 18 and if you try to change the windows live id to a 18 year old one it will say its 18 but its not and it will screw it up cause that what happened to my old account.

Ryteo, the wait is on lol 2 & a half years is a bit but owell, thanks anyway.

Mods can close :smile:

Sell it on eBay.

there is only few places you can change it to anyway.

Maybe you can just set up a credit card and get all the microsoft points from there rather then using the prepaid cards. Oh and btw do not change your reigion if your not actually living there than you can’t buy anything that is from your current region you have to buy stuff from the region that is on your account.