Change user id?

My profile id was somehow changed to 000000000 ( Any easy way to change it back. Also, when I can change it, will it just be my display name?

Profile ID is the display name you currently have, or just recover the profile again.

  1. How do I change my profile id
  2. How do I recover
  1. Take your profile on your flash drive, double click on your profile in Horizon and copy/paste your Profile ID.
  2. You can recover your profile on xbox > home button > download profile.

The problem is is that the profile I’d box is grayed.

I think it’s because your profile is not even silver and have never been connected with the xbox servers. So therefore… you’ve not been given a “unique” Profile ID. Or if I’m wrong, you got a rare gamertag.


E0001346AE6F865A is your profile ID, so I’m wrong. I don’t know, sorry.