Changed game location and now cheats toggle on/off immediately (Tiny tina's wonderlands)

Basically what the title says. I moved the game folder to another drive, selected the new location on the app, clic on PLAY and it loads, but when I toggle on a cheat, it immediately toggles off.
I have tried to unistall the app, and it didn’t work. I also used “regedit” to delete a bunch of wemod files and reinstalled with no results.

What can I do for the app to work again?

Where did you purchase the game?

I’m on Epic

Did you manually select the exe then?

Yes I did. Uninstalling didn’t work, deleting registry files didn’t work. I also put back the game on its original drive but it didn’t work.
Something has to work :roll_eyes:

What exe did you select?

Wonderlands.exe on the epic directory. I have done this so many times with other borderlands games.
Is the first time I moved the game to another drive, so is the first time I encounter this error.
What else do you need to know, please ask in one message

You need to select the one in OakGame\Binaries\Win64

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Ok thank you, I’m going to try and come back to you.

Thank you very much, after two months finaly I’m able to use the cheats again.

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