Changes to WePoints

After a month of deliberation, we have decided to change the monthly Pro bonus of WePoints to a one-time credit of 10,000 points!

Instead, we’re now enabling a 2X WePoints multiplier for all Pro Members.

But what’s the point of 2X, if there are so few ways to earn them? :rage:

Well, first of all, you earn points through visiting the site each day and by using a trainer in Infinity.

That’s it? :neutral_face:

For now, yes. But we’re going to be adding a bunch of other ways to earn them in the near future. Such as contributing to the site, completing objectives, and more.

All of that just to request new trainers? :confused:

Of course not. Soon you’ll be able to spend them on raffle entries, buy things in the shop, and more. :wink:

When will all of that be changed? :grinning:

2X WePoints will go into effect immediately and we will be rolling out other changes in the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

Thanks guys! Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


That’s great news ! Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

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Hope it make people active on hunting those WP`s :smiley:


I hope some this helps the devs spend some more time to update and add to the Horizon App cause their are still tons of popular games out there that NEED to be added to this wonderful tool which I’m willing to pay a lifetime subscription of $100 for plus a subscription to infinity as long as Both tools stay updated.

Sexy idea!!!

There are only 2 of the original devs left that know anything about Xbox modding. Horizon is taking lowest priority though and we aren’t going to start releasing a bunch of tool for it. We may add a few of the new more popular games but 360 is EOL.

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I love these WePoints… but I need to spend them… they’re burning a hole in my digital pocket!

While I’m sad to see Horizon nearing it’s end, I have faith in what you guys are doing with Infinity & WeMod. I’ll always stick around through the thick and thin. All the mods, devs, and Chris have been great since I’ve been here. #WeModBigThings2017



To piggy back off Steve’s idea for a purpose for WePoints, maybe allow people to exchange them for x-amount of days of Diamond or PRO?

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Cant be cheap either tho. Frank and Zach need to be fed :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is probably my first post back in a year and a half or more. I haven’t been around since the HorizonMB days, and before that Horizon360. It’s crazy to see how much everything has changed, but I still remember so many of you, even if no one remembers me. It looks as if everything is going well! I think this new points system is neat, and these are some really good ideas! I think it’s time for me to start coming around again. Happy New Years WeMod!


Welcome back! Happy New Year to you too


Merry Christmas and thank you for the info

cool cool so um its been like a yeah and a half… and there is still only one way to earn points…

Still fine tuning the system.

We’ve added several 1 times objectives ranging from 1k-10k points. In Infinity 5 we will be making more changes to WePoints and will be looking into additional ways to earn points.