Changing the Directed Folder

Hi, I had an issue where the tool couldn’t find my game. So I directed to the folder when it said pick folder. I might have directed it to the wrong folder thought because im having a failed to start message. My question is, how can I change the folder I directed it to? How do I re-pick the folder? Thanks

It isn’t possible to pick the wrong folder. What game are you having issues with?

You should also try launching the game then clicking start in Infinity.

I am having issues with Gears of War 4. Even after I start the game and then try to start infinity, it says “failed to start”.

Do you get an error code?

No I do not.

Is there any other solution to this? I feel it’s an issue because it’s a Windows game. I haven’t had any problems with steam, origin or uplay

I made a small batch program that deletes the Infinity cache. Running it should allow you to pick the game folder again.

I would recommend running the automatic version (included in the zip) because it is faster.