Changing The Speed Of A .GIF

Yes, I know how to make them and how to change the frame speed. What I am wondering is if I would be able to condense or dilate the timeline of a .GIF that is no longer a .PSD. This is not important, it is simply me wondering.

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Yes, go ahead and open the gif in photoshop, then go to Window > Timeline

From there, you can select all of the images, then select the time you’d like them to change at:



It’s best not to modify it too much though as it can cause choppy-ness.

I currently have none to experiment with

Oh, well the answer is yes, since you were wondering.

Is the file you are looking at a .PSD or .GIF?

Just a .gif

Okay. Thank you.


Pavman is too cool.

FYI after effects is the best program to get the best quality out of a gif. It’s also pretty easy to change frame rate and make it smooth.

*even though webm is much better in terms of file size.

Here’s a couple I made to show quality/frame rate.

1920x1080 source quality

720x360 source quality