Character Save?

was just woundering if anyone have a save of a character with everything maxed out and all the good items, i deleted my old save so i dont really wanna start from scratch haha

For what game?

Try this thread:

read the section noob

The Elder Scrolls Series has many games. Oblivion, Skyrim, ect.



lol skyrim

you all need to chill the **** out, it was a question im sorry i didnt put skyrim for you, and yeah i am a noob because i have a life and dont dedicate everyday to stay inside my small bedroom and mouth ppl on forums… thanks for the help horizon, real glad i wasted my money on this ****

No one was even arguing with you, calm down lol

If you want a save with god mode and “all the good items” then you need to compile a list of console commands with “all the good items” that you want added to a save. No one is going to do the legwork for you.

Edit: Just to clarify I already posted a link to a god mode save, scroll up, you missed it while you were raging.