Charlie Murder Tool?

Anybody working on one?

I would like to see one made as well, but it doesnt look like its going to happen. I guess the game isnt popular enough or is tough to mod.

Upload a save with amounts of things you want to mod and I’ll do it.

It looks as though it saves to a gpd file, so you would need to mod it straight from the profile (from my understanding). I just want to unlock all the characters and have a crazy amount of money. Is that possible?

Yes, upload the GPD file.

I made a new offline profile and started a new save and took the .gpd file off of that.
the link is below.
Thank you so much for this. Ive already beaten the game and dont want to unlock all the characters and grind up money for them.

A new one won’t work. There is no data about the game unless it’s been played and saved at least once.

I did play it a bit, got a couple pieces of clothing, waited until the star popped up showing that it saved. I know that if it doesnt save then the .gpd doesnt have anything on it. I know this from playing castle crashers and modding it on horizon to unlock all the characters. Had to play it first before it would let me mod it. Sorry about that, i should have mentioned that i did play it a bit first.

Well there isn’t any save data in the GPD you provided. Modio seems to have an editor for it though, and it’s a save editor, not a profile one.

Well im an idiot, i looked right past the save file. It doesnt save to a .gpd file, but indeed to a regular save.
I apologize for my mess up and wasting your time with that.
Here is the save file if youre still willing to mod it to unlock the characters and add money.
Again sorry about the mistake.

I’d need the game itself to reverse the character stuff, but what’s the current amount of money you have in that save?

I have $5.14 on that save.
I forgot to ask, you said something about modio having a save editor?

Yes, it does.

Awesome. Good to know. Ill have to check it out. Here i thought modio was just for downloading saves and extracting and injecting files.

I’ve been looking for the same thing. Modio has a tool that only does one character, and since it is game save based, I figured that it wouldn’t be difficult to find a tool for it, yet there is none available. Would anybody be able to create a tool for Charlie Murder?

Not sure if this helps anything, but I was looking into both the con file and the actual game.sav embedded in the file and noticed two things. One, in the con file on line 00000370 from 01-08 it has the actual ID used by the profile (for example: E00211325E95C831). Two in the game.sav file starting at line 00000000 at 05 it actually has the Gamertag on it (for example: Kake Jesus). I haven’t quite figured out how to rewrite the game.sav without corrupting it or it not seeing the new user. Just thought I’d post my findings here.

how would you do it?

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