Cheat is broken for a game - How do we report?

So Age of Empires 2 DE got updated a while back and broke one of the cheats (fast build). As soon as the building gets built it immediately gets destroyed. I (and others) have reported this (and other questions/feedback) on the games discussion page and we have not gotten any form of recognition or reply from the modder. How can we tell the system that it needs to be updated or looked into? Sometimes I see a game that says update needed but I do not know what makes it realize that.

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  • The WeMod system detects that game’s we’re updated automatically.
  • It is then added into a lost for WeMod’s testers to test exactly what, if anything, was broken in the trainer by the update and how.
  • When confirmed that an update is needed, it will eventually appear in the development queue, which you can see in the desktop app itself by pressing the Queue tab.
  • Pro members can use their premium currency, Boosts, to bump in-development trainers or updates higher up the queue, if they wish.

So you do not need to do anything. Other than boosting it when it is in the queue, if you want to. We do not give ETAs on trainer updates because there are too many factors beyond WeMod’s control that affects this.

More information: Game Queue - WeMod Support.

Is the testing done by volunteers? I have over 5k games on steam and could help.

This information is pinned right at the top of the forum’s front page right now.
—> Looking for cheat testers!

Thanks for the help and info!