Cheat Request: World in Conflict Soviet Assault v1.0.1.1

i noticed that there were not much cheats for this game and most of the trainers i looked at were very unsatisfying.
i love this program and would hope that you could add a trainer for this game.
the trainer should have +5 options which include infinate resources, no cooldown timers for anything and other things.
and if this happens many people will benefit from this game and the fun in lan parties
will increase and also bigger battles can be made which is very satisfying.

as we all know ubisoft gave out this game for free on christmas so many will use this :smiley:

Sure, just get like 300000 points and fund the request yourself. Or bribe someone. Whatever works.

So far there is one problem cuz its not in the request tab.
That is the first world problem right now :joy:

Is it on steam?

sadly not but its on Uplay

Uplay man