Cheat requests

i was just looking at the cheat requests on we mod and noticed that the votes were past one hundred thousand on some games i thought we all only had to reach one hundred thousand for a trainer to be made? seems like the goal is now two hundred thousand why is this just curious??

They increased the points gained so had to adjust the total funded points accordingly.

100k was far too easy to reach. We knew the amount would change over time as we changed how the system worked. There will be additional ways to earn points in the future.

oh ok well im glad we can earn additional points in future in other ways and now i know that we earn points more easier lol i have to admit i was a lil upset im sorry cause when i seen it cause i have been voteing towards trainers to be made with whatever points i made per day (100 per day) cause there some trainers i really wish i had :slight_smile: in a way i wish we still had the hundred thousand but thats ok thanks guys for letting me know :slight_smile:

i didnt notice this till now , bummer now games that should have trainers made for them prob never will now, also points arent all that easy to earn (well they are easy to earn but the amount isnt all that much)whether pro or not 200 points a day for non-pro and 400 for pro thats not much unless there is other ways to earn points that ive missed?

Just because games don’t reach their limit doesn’t intrinsically mean cheats won’t be made. Think of the points as a way for the developers to poll their userbase and get a pulse of what people would like. There’s no inherent reason why a game won’t get a cheat profile just because it didn’t reach an arbitrary amount of votes.

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thats the thing though trainers “normally” arent made for those that arent top(max points)requested its rare for a trainer to be made for a game that wasnt max point requested (sadly)

New ways to earn are still in development. And there will also be more fun ways to spend those points than just on requesting trainers.

This year is gonna be amazing!

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i know, i just wish that this hadnt been changed until after there were more ways to earn points especially for those who dont have a hoard of points or for those who dont get on infinity every single day so kind of in a way this is unfair for both (which im part of) im gonna take a wild guestimate and say the probably the majority of users have 0 wepoints at any given time due to the fact most of us dont “saveup” for months on end and put it towards the games we want the same day, the way i see it is that the one with “hoards” of points will have priority over the rest of us due to the fact they could easiely make it so trainers that they want are made before any other trainer because they can put massive ammounts of points towards the game they want

I am not completely sure but don’t Pro members get 10,000 points every month? That’s a lot of points on top of 2x every day. The point of this system was not to individually fund games but see which games are popular with lots of people. They might completely get rid of these points system and have a voting system, whatever works best.

The system now is favored towards active users of infinity and don’t you think that’s how it should be? I see your point though but if you’re Pro, you still get enough points to put a game under the devs radars without being active every day. I can tell you the top 30 games are going to have a trainer in just the few coming months once new triple A games stop releasing which this time of year they do.

I personally think the system is still a little skewed and needs adjustment, The number of voters i am seeing are far less than what we imagined, i thought it would take hundreds of voters but if you look, its in single digits (e.g I don’t have access to al the numbers and frank/zach do and they have put a lot of thought into it so i guess its the best that can be made.

That was changed about a month ago. You now get 10k points when you first sign up then double points after that. You still earn about the same amount of points each month.

Actually if you are pro and get the 400 daily it is about 12,000 every 30 days so really it is more monthly points (if you can be active every day)

the sad part bout pro is alot of people cant afford it every month like me who has to do it roughly every other month(at best) i do plan on re-upping this month tho as i do like using the remote

We’ll still work on games that aren’t fully voted. The changes won’t affect anything :slight_smile:

I can understand the increasing fund limit.

It is just impossible to function if you are gaining new work-load faster than you can complete it.

Kinda like the nazi’s and their airforce.