Cheats aren't loading

Whenever I go to cheats, nothing will load. I can see supported games on the left hand side, but if i click on one of them, the cheats will not load. what should I do?

Which games?
Did you press play?

It can be that that the cheat your trying to load is outdated.
If a cheat is up do date, it will have a green shield with a checkmark in it.

No, it has nothing to do with that.

Are you referring to when you hover over the cheat and there is block icon over it because if so I’m having the same problem.

Click Play!

Play my pankroius

if you are responding to my comment, then it doesn’t work either, in game I press the buttons associated to the cheat it doesn’t do anything, I even change the key binding and nothing happens, I am thinking I missed a step in getting the cheats. watching a video their was a button next to play game that would tell you if their was any problems with the cheats, their is none on mine.

After you press play do you have a checkmark next to it?

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what does the red circle with the line through mean over the cheats in the game menu?

It means you haven’t activated Infinity. Click the Play button until there is a checkmark next to Play.

I hit the play button but it comes up with “We’re having trouble downloading the cheats. Please try again later.”
I’ve uninstalled my anti-virus, turned off my firewall, uninstalled/reinstalled State of decay 2 and Infinity. and I still can’t use infinity with none my games(ARK, Conan Exiles, Crush crush, or XCOM 2).

Press play after the game has started.
Also be aware that you need to disable the anti cheat in some games.
Ark must be started without battleeye for example

I’m having an issue where the cheats tab after clicking a game won’t open. I get the Infinity loading symbol but it just stays like that. The cheats never pop up and even closing Infinity doesn’t help. I also have the problem that on the rare occasion I can see the cheats and press play Infinity and the game close.

deactivate your antivirus and add Infinity to its exceptions