App Horizon

Cheats wont download and found a slight error in the program

hello admin team and program devs.
i went to try it onn the lumber dynasty and its saying cheats wont download get help (see screen shot )
i have checked the suggested posts when your creating a post and it comes up with suggested topics that might help before posting, none of them are helping, yet i tried the same with volcanoids and it works fine with that game,

this leads me on to program bug, or error
when it comes with the screen shot above, i click get help and it takes me to the website but website says : heres the screenshot
its pointing to were page dont exist.
thanks all

thanks in advanced,
ps the program error is just a let you know kinder of thing if that makes sense

If it works for some games but not others then your AV is blocking it. Add an exception for the 2 WeMod folders in appdata then try again.

understood will try that, did u also note program error i noted aswell?

a little update. done that sorted it, thanks Chris our awesome Community Manager

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Good to hear. We will update the link in the next update. We are working on overhauling our support articles so it got moved to a new link.