CheatsyDoodles or DiscordantJiro has arrived on the scene!

So truthfully, I go by a lot of separate names on the internet from roleplaying, to gaming, to tag names in games. Most people will call me Jiro, some will call me Croyor and further will call me Galleth/Gallup.

Jiro is a name I’ve used for almost six years, due to FFXIV, while Croyor I’ve been using in Planetside for five years. The final one however, cropped up around fifteen or so years ago. It is the one I will usually go by the most, but I’ve taken a grander liking to Jiro.

As it stands I currently play mainly on PC, however I do dabble from time-to-time on Switch and PS4. (I’m way to broke to be playing on a PS5). I’ve also never really been a fan of Xbox save for Jade Empire.

The games I play are usually single player RPG/Simulations. I do play Planetside 2 as well. At the time being my subscription for FFXIV is not active (wasn’t having fun with it anymore). Lately I’ve also been playing modded peglin, some monster sanctuary and a bit of Vampire Survivors. Though, I am not adverse to playing idle games and squad games either. These just happen to be my current preferences. They change usually about the end or beginning of the year.

So honestly, I have little to no experience modding. Not unless you count some form of cheat engine trickery or file debauchery. I absolutely love what people do, and I won’t criticize them for doing it, unless it’s in a competitive role. Even for multiplayer games I personally play, I go offline and remain that way if I’m going to cheat.

The only hobbies I have are video games and audio books. Namely because that’s usually all I’m doing.

Then onto the last bit (yes, I did essentially just follow the script of what was posted, sue me, please don’t though).

My coming here, is all thanks to MrAntiFun. Due to his tables and cheats I found wemod, and for it I thank him completely and fully.

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welcome to the forums!


Welcome to the forums! What a lovely introduction~

I’m quite similar to you in regards to what sort of games I play. It usually hops between RPG games and Simulation games, depending on my mood for that hour/week/month/etc.

I’ve played some FFXIV myself, however I haven’t played in nearly a year or two. :sweat_smile:
I’ve been playing more of Elder Scrolls online these days.