Check your xbox email if you've had an xbox one before this week!

I received a free 200k gta shark card by owning an xbox one in the first year

I got a ****ty poster.

Bought it day one and earned over 30k gamerscore in the first year annnnnnnd i got a poster. The rewards seem to be random instead of actual rewards.

dude no way! post a screenshot of the reward, I got the poster same as everyone else plus like a week to watch some DBZ episodes and one of the movies

I got Project Spark Premium.

I have a day one edition and don’t have an email for any rewards…

I got TWO posters, oh yes.

Had the Xbox since day one, the 360 since day one, the X1 since day one, XBL for 9 years and I get a poster.

Thanks Microsoft, way to treat your loyal customers.

i got nothing…bought it on the day it was released, 10 years gold, earned over 20k gamerpoints, 500+ hours gameplay and i got jack ****.

What about people who a Xbox one a months ago when it first came out?

A poster… would rather they didnt get my hopes up and gave me nothing.

I bought mine 2 weeks ago and got some BF4 Air Vehicle kit.

Everybody, go to this website: it explains that people in 13 countries are getting selected at random for prizes. Not because of how much gamerscore or how long you have had your xbox live for. Its all random.

I got limbo for free when it’s released

MUT Packs (I think), DBZ episodes, Halo: Forward Unto Dawn in HD, and some random movie.

Which is a joke. Some guy who gets his X1 yesterday could get 1 year of gold. Whereas I got mine the day it was released and get a poster.

Thank you Microsoft, because I really needed a couple posters that looked like were made by some novice in MS Paint. I’m especially excited for a movie of a show that practically died years ago and also for the Halo TV show that I already owned for buying Halo 4.
So, thank you Microsoft for giving me the rewards of having your new console ever since it came out with all the bugs that went with it; this is definitely worthy of my 8 year tenure on Xbox Live.

I got Limbo also

Holy crap! I got a exclusive poster that millions of other people got!

I wish I could give you better news than that, but unfortunately its like the lottery, you can put in all the numbers a year before the actual lottery, but you would still get nothing.