Checksum Fixer

Here is something that I made that may be useful for someone else.
Download - Here
Virus Scan - Here
Please let me know if you find any errors.
EA Games Checksum Fixer is Not Up to Date! Works with Most Games.

Looks nice, i shall download and have a look now:)
EDIT: it says the file you are looking for is un-available

so what does this mean battlefield bad company 2 mods?:slight_smile:

Can you post a Image of the error?

It’s sorted now, i just couldn’t be arsed editing the post again:)

Nice idea! I’ll try it and If there are any errors, I will respond back asap.

New update available. Link is on first post.

I love you!

That is actually a helpful program Thank you

Will download now seeing as theres some good feedback


Re upload

A nice bump, but this program is a good idea. I would like to talk to this guy.

Download Link is backup.

Can use with bayonetta checksum fix :anguished: ??? ( i can’t use xealgo :anguished:( )