This is an on-going project that I’m developing; it’s a library of custom controls! I want to share it with the community in part because I would like people to test the controls and possibly give advice as to how I can improve them, but also I would like other developers to learn from what I’ve done.

It’s completely open source (obviously). It’s hardly to the point where I would want to release a DLL, but that’s soon to come! Here’s how it looks thus far:

The box is a RadioButtonListBox, similar to the CheckedListBox control and the lock system button keeps the window on top of all other windows while checked.

[URL=""]Project Abandoned For Now

Is this website dying…?

Sadly, this website is not as popular anymore.
With the next gen consoles released, more people moved away from the 360.
And that Horizon hasn’t been updated (big update) in quite awhile.

That’s what I figured. It’s too bad, even though I never was really that involved, I still miss a few of the characters from this website.

like me huehuehue

Hardly :wink:

I’ve never seen you before.