Civilization VI (6)

I am a crazy civilization player. i will be very very happy if you guys made a trainer for civilization 6 . please.please

Might help if the game was out, you might want to wait till closer to launch

That is what i thought. The game will definitely gt a trainer when it is released

Hello ,
Finally the game is realised . cant wait for trainer. please let me know any good newa please please.

Still 2 days to go bruh.

its out bro. wondering if any devloper reply here

Umm no,

Available: 21 October
This game will unlock in approximately 17 hours

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Its out now, i demand from @STN an trainer within the hour.

yea, sucks i cant buy it, I love the Civ games

@STiNGERR claimed it

Or @REPPiN ? He made Civ V.

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@MrPrecise Too late :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Oh no, he`s here. Abort the mission. ABORT ABORT


God bless you all. cant wait for trainer . ■■■■■■■ love you all

So someone working on it, right ? @STN @STiNGERR

Dude i bet they are planning something. But trainers are not made in a click of a button. :wink:
So let it goes some days. Since the Civ series is really popular and all, i bet its prioritized.

Stingerr is making it

Can tell Stn isn’t making it, because Stn is like the Flash when it comes to making Trainers

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Thank you @STiNGERR let me know first please . love u

Github was down all day yesterday so i guess stingerr couldnt push the trainer. I am lucky github worked for a few mins for me to push bf1 trainer.

@Hawk LOL