Classifed: France '44

Hello. I saw a reply to this post: Classified: France 44
but it was then closed so I could not follow up. Why was it closed?

Also, I’ll ask my question from that post another way: Is there a way to boost games that are not in the list of games to be updated?

Hi there! The post was closed as your question was answered. Trainers are added based on popularity within the WeMod community.

Popularity is based on how many WeMod users have the game installed and/or who have clicked the Notify me button on the game’s page in the app. More information can be found here: Game Queue

This is the only way to request a trainer. Any posts on the forums/discord are answered with the same message, informing users how it works, and then locked.

Let us know if you have any further inquiries. :slight_smile: