Clone hero

Hello, can anyone make a clone hero cheat? Like, disable orange notes etc, since my keyboard does not have anti-ghosting it’s hard to play expert songs. Thank you. I’m sure everyone else without anti-ghosting would love this too.

Get a guitar.

You are playing guitar hero on a crappy keyboard, a trainer won’t fix that.

You can either a: buy a guitar for less than $20 or b: you can pay someone to manually modify thousands of charts.

All I can suggest other than buying a cheap guitar is disabling fail and looking for songs with charts for medium/hard difficulty.

Disabling them is impossible. Only thing that can be done is modifying the sheets like Snake said. Maybe you can look into it yourself? Not sure if it’s easy or anything google might have a way

So… the simple answer on here is NO. There !
Had to put my 2 cents in