Nice lol now i know what to do if i ever get banned

I’ve seen you mention this a lot of times in peoples banned profile threads, and I never even knew this existed.
But, technically, isn’t this “gamerscore” modding.
They see a new account be made - 0G
They see it sign off, then on with your old profiles 50,000G.
Isn’t that an instant reset so you didn’t gain anything from it?

Good thread none the less, thanks for the share.

Well that was easy. Nice tut for those who need it, you must be going for Horizon Pro?

I figured the same thing.

What, I don’t understand what you mean there…?

They cannot see the Offline Account be made, it could be they have had the Account Offline for a long time, and gradually earned Gamerscore. So it’s basically a backup Profile to the user, they get banned on their main, and their Offline Account signs up.

I did it in a other way.
I extracted the gpd with the gs on and replaced/injected it into my other pofile and it worked. :smile:

Nice tutorial as always Sweat.

He already is Horizon Pro.


I see what you mean. Make an offline, none xbox silver/gold profile - Transfer it. Log on.
But, if that’s the case…they’ll see online achevis earned offline? Which leads to the same outcome.

I was thinking you have 2 gold accounts - You get banned on your main.
You swap from 2nd profile to main account.
That’s what I was figuring you were saying.

I only see the loophole of online achevis earned offline according to xbl since you just signed up…
I mean, wouldnt people just make a offline account, add all games on and sign up. Then when banned, you say you were playing since release day of 360 and just signed up for gold?

All the timestamps are carried over. So Online Achievements look like they’ve been earned Online. But then you could say, when you’ve earned Achievements before the Account was made. Well, so long as no one knows, you’ll be fine :wink:. Nobody knows how old your Account is apart from you.

When I tried this, my GS was 51,xxx, when I signed up for live it only shows 10,xxx GS, but it still showing all the achievements unlocked. Any idea?

Go to and check your Gamerscore, it’s probably not finished Syncing to the Servers.

Now this enables me to get my GS back from my old to oldish account.
You are right: Horizon <3

OR, another to get banned/reset
Still pretty cool though

on it is still showing 10395 GS, I should have 51125. Do you know how long it might take?

you will just get your account banned, you need to edit the sync id’s.
just use exProfileEditor’s “exGPD” feature

This work’s but they can tell when u made the account soon as you sign up on xboxlive.
The account will stamp the date on their server and tell them what date you made the account on.
I can almost promise you they can find out if they really wanted too.

I tried this, the tool didn’t work for me. It added the games, but all 0 Gamerscores.

If I put the game in, it does an update and adds it to my GS.

Go on your Achievement list, is there more than what your gamerscore in on that list? Like say 50 games all with 1000 Gamerscore. But your Profile only shows 10k Gamerscore?

Yes, now it is showing 12895 GS on and under my gamertag on the xbox, but my achievement list is showing,

Gamerscore: 51125/58560
Achievements: 1841/2148