| closed | gta 5 cash & rank recoveries |

First and foremost thank you to TR0Y who purchased a XBLSE token for me so that I may host. Also thanks to Chris for the KV because he loves me and wants to touch me :wink:
I am doing FREE recoveries for members of XMB

Graphics by vSneakyRaptor <3

You must have ONE of the following

500 Posts
1000 Thanks

You need to PM me this form and be ready to reply within 5 minutes if I need a security code

[details=Open Me]

Desired Rank:
Desired Cash:


Past Donators:

If you need to contact me immediately my AIM: Instinctmodscom

Also, anyone who pm’s me who does not meet the requirements will be blocked.
I will do one person later in the day who does not meet the requirements.

Meh, not worth it to me, you just gonna get reset again or be in one of bad/cheater lobby pool.

What’s the possibility of getting reset & all that?

This isn’t tunables, therefore the checks set in the .xex wouldn’t flag you as you are not being given cash.

I’ve done it to my personal account a while ago and have yet to have any issues. Level 300 somethin and over 1bil cash

Sent a PM. Regardless the situation you have my vouch because I have been part of many of your modded lobbies in the past. Thanks again.

I’ve also sent a PM as well & have my vouch too because i’ve been around long enough to know who’s legit & who isn’t.

Thanks again! :smile:

PM has been sent. Will reply with the results.

EDIT: Cash received with the correct Rank.

I do not think I have 500 posts and my diamond ran out two weeks ago. :anguished: Sheeeeeeeeit

You have 118 posts from the time I’m writing this post.

PM sent will vouch when done!

if it works without ban/or cheater pool let me know plz

No one may (or may not) be banned for another month or so for all we know!? You sure you want to wait that long for an answer?

ah dont really bother me i hardly play the game anyways nothing to do done played everything…so heck why not plus i take risks :smiley:

All caught up on accounts, waiting on more pms

Account is done and everything is there this is my vouch post you could say. Thanks again Instinct.

Edit: Legit got all of my money thanks!

Sent a pm, waiting to see the resualt.

Can I get the program?

All being done manually, no programs. lol

**** well I need to be taught how to do that if there isnt a tut somewhere else. I haven’t found anything good that sticks.