I’d like cheater to post that you are legit.

Doing one vouch package for any member. Msg me if interested. Also, for any staff, if you would like a free package, please msg me and I will provide you with one. Thanks.

Just PM’d You.

I will believe it when cheater says something. Until then fake. and gay.

The message from cheater states he will move it once he knows it is legit. You haven’t proved it.

And this isn’t your concern, if you have a problem with it PM Cheater directly.

If you guys don’t believe it don’t pay him till cheater moves it/stickies it. It is as simple as that.

Well if i’m a member of the forum, this thread would pertain to me since he is doing a service for other members. I’d like to know if a user is legit or not.

Dude i’ll doit? ill pm you )

Vouch for CO2. Hes a trusted hoster

the email address doesn’t work. I’ve tried to get the paypal address from him but it keeps getting rejected.

the email address provided is not my paypal. it is my email. to get my paypal, you need to message me.

just doing what the instructions said… says to message and it gets rejected. i’ll pm you.

I apologize, that was wrong, it is fixed, thanks.

Sent my Info.

Will vouch once complete.

Nice service.

might get this done soon.

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH :smiley: I VOUCH 1000000% THIS IS SO WORTH IT :smiley:

Sent info


Edit: ffs Cheater, you ninja! :wink: