CoD 4 Legends Montage - Dem Feels :(

zzirGrizz, the best.

If I were to want just one Call of Duty to be remastered, it’d definitely be Call of Duty 4, closely followed by Call of Duty: WaW.

Call of Duty 4 was by far the greatest Call of Duty released, in my opinion, and anything after that (discluding WaW) simply cannot compare.

I stopped buying Call of Duty games a few years ago, but I would definitely make an exception if it was for a remastered Call of Duty 4. If they did remaster it, they’d have to keep in all of the glitches (not mods, under map / out of bounds glitches), simply because those glitches was what made it more of a challenge to play. For those who hadn’t played the game and witnessed these glitches before hand, they would be confused as to how you get to the position (eg. Ambush, rocket jump, or where you spam ‘A’ to get on-top of the other buildings in Ambush, etc.).

I have to say, on a separate note, I loved it when you did a 360 (jumping off an object), no/quick scope and get the kill. That’s by far the best feeling in Call of Duty.

I think the added bonus about Call of Duty 4 was that everyone used a microphone, it was on the level of Halo and Gears of War that you always could go in a game and have a conversation with a few other people. Nowadays, it’s rare anybody uses a microphone. They might as well just strip game chat from games nowadays because of the lack of use.

Obviously you’re not singling anyone out for this, but I don’t go into game chat for two reasons:

01.) One doesn’t NEED game chat to meet other, new friends/players.
– Majority of the games I play I play with a set group of friends, thus not needing to go into game chat and make “new” friends. Now obviously not everyone has a constant list of friends to play games with so they are inclined to venture into game chat and mingle with the other players, but, as my rebuttal, I’ve met and befriended other players by sending them messages regarding whatever. (ex: During Iron Banner on Destiny my friends and I stumbled upon a three-man group of players that actually seemed to put up a fight and allow the opposing team to make the matches close. Out of everyone on that three-man group only one was giving me a challenge when it came to out-shooting him. So, after the matches and all of us got offline for the night, I messaged the random to see if he’d like to run with us the next day so he could actually win some matches. Long story short, we added each other and I came to find out he was some-what known within the game of Halo and Halo LANs. (He still participates in H3 tournaments and wins small amounts of money)

02.) Console Banned.
– Back in, I believe, 2010, my Xbox 360 was banned for being “Overly Aggressive in Game Chat.” Now, to the naked eye that could ring true by looking at the games in which I play and enjoy, but, with my friends being able to vouch for me, I can say that I rarely ever step out of party chat and into game chat; meaning the ban was probably from players falsely submitting a complaint against me because they got destroyed by me in-game. (I don’t have the funds to replace a console every time I turn around just because some immature player got emotional because they suck and realize there are others out there that are better)

Obviously both reasons are personal rather then something all go through when playing online, but I just don’t see the need for game chat when there are other means to communicating… (I’m not referring to means of Skype or such when it comes to PC gaming.)

@Topic - I can’t really say this montage did anything for me, but I can definitely relate when it comes to re-watching a montage and it just taking me back to the time in which I was watching it for the very first time!