[COD 4] Private Match EXP Lobbies *FREE*

[b]Hello xboxmb and welcome to my Online cod4 lobby,
How it work’s
join and enjoy your modzzz
Have Fun!

how to get in

  1. post gt
  2. private chat me on xbox and join ses

my GT is Killar911
please do not spam me saying inv inv i just you what to do!

hope to see you soon guy’s make sure you post legit![/b]

YouTube - ‪iDevFTW’s Channel‬‏

youtube Username:Grennbea

Donate? :smiley:

My Payal Is: iDevFTW @ yahoo.com
Leave Gt In Notes

No buy/sell/trade

No B/S/T

there i edited it <3

Just delete the part where it says rentals and you should be fine. It will get removed by staff if you don’t.

Edit: Nevermind, you already did, sorry, didn’t see that.

i did <3

How much xp is it per kill?


People really don’t want to leave. o.o




thanks for the feedback guys!

I subbed. GT: Camp For Kills

i invited you.


thanks for the feedback <3

not allowed to ask for subs

i didnt ask i said,

legit but host left :\