CoD 5 **No Clip & God Mode & All Weapons**[After Patch]

This Is How On JTAG!
Here Is The GPD 4156081C.gpd

Patch download link (.ff) patch_mp.ff

1)Put Profile On USB Or Transfer Cable
2)Put it in PC
3)Open Up Modio
4)Then Open Profile On Modio
5)Go To File Contents And You’ll See A File Called 4156081C.gpd
6)Then Replace It With The One You Downloaded
7) Copy CoD 5 To Jtag(If It Wasnt Done Yet)
:sunglasses:Put The Patch In And Do System Link
9)Join On Retail Xbox
10) DOOM You Got It Now Go Join A Game(Any GameType)

Here Is A Tutorial How To Without A JTAG!!

Ok 1st Of All Your going to need to run your xbox on 1 USB only no HDD or Memory cards! so the only thing thats cache is cleared is the 1 usb and on the other USB the cahce wont be cleared!

What you need: 2 USB’s, modded CoD5 .GPD, 2 accounts(main and silver). CoD4(Herp Derp)
1.Make sure system cache is cleared on USB1(modded one)
2.Put the modded .GPD on the silver account and USB with cache cleared.
3.Make sure your Updates are up to date on your main account and 2nd USB. (DO NOT PUT MODS ON MAIN ACCCOUNT!)
4. Make aure only USB1(modded) Is plugged in go into splitscreen. Turn on the mods and infect yourself.
5.Sign out and unplug modded USB and plug in USB2 with your main account on it.
6.Go online into a private match and if your infected you did it right.

Here Are Some GPDz To Use




Back button
Allows you to change teams in ranked
Displays Instructions
Fast Restarts
Makes Onlinegame
Lots of XP
Unlimited Ammo
Super Double Tap

Start Button
Fast Restarts
Makes Onlinegame
Unlimited Ammo
Super Double Tap
Lots of XP
Jump Height
Low Gravity

Dpad Left
Give all (untested)

Dpad Right

Dpad Down
Add 8 Bots


Rashers GPD

Instructions on using these:

Start button: gives you godmode, allows change team in any online game, forces ranked match

Up on analog stick: big xp, text on screen (text on screen works online, no host)

Down on analog stick: Fast restart, lets you earn XP in private match

Analog stick left: gives all weapons (online no/host)

DPAD Down: Toggle timescale 0.2 0.5 1 2 3 4 5, unlimited ammo


s7 ToMMo(I think this the best one)
http://www.mediafire…5ibp4stbs9cww7u download here

Back Button
No Clip
Super Jump Height
No Fall Damage
Low Gravity
Dogs Last 99 Seconds
Search and Destroy 9 Lives

God Mode
Give Dogs (Only You Get Them, No1 Else, This Means no Devolper Script is needed)
Say Text
Unlimited Ammo
Map in Hardcore
Unlimited UAV
Laser Sight on
Search and Destory 5mins time
Search and Destroy 99 Rounds
Search and Destroy 999seconds till bomb blows up if planted

Give all
and Alot of ammo (if your not host this works aswell)

Patch and Link

Dominator XD’s CoD5 Pack.rar

Left on Dpad to “give all”
Left Bumper bumper to “Fast_restart”
Right bumper to do “god” and some dvars and give default weapon
Back Button to do some below also.

*Jump height
*Give default weapon
*god mode
*Give dogs
*Text on screen
And much more…

Heres A Working GPD Editor(So you can edit the text and stuff)

Virus Scan:VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

Donload Link: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service


I think these are some good GPD’s to use

fml we have to have a Jtag :confused:

Ya to Cuz A Dvar Does Something With The GPD

Agh so you need a jtag? You can’t just put the gpd in? And your good?


Cood I hotswap and put the patch.ff into the burned copy

Could you do that?

No cuz there is a Dvar That Unpatches GPDz

If anyone is hosting can you pm me?

I’ll record.

no , because a retail cant run all the codes a jtag can.

btw im def. going to try this.

Already posted :smile: You don’t need host for NO CLIP or GOD MODE, but give all you do.

pls explain, wat if I had hotswap xbox with a cleared catch then system linked with my normal xbox, would that work ?

O i looked I Didnt see that one :anguished:


You need a JTAG to do this :smile:


well now im pissed, because i cant have my xboxs connected to the router atm.

Tell Me If the Hotswap Works So i Can Post N Tell Me How To Do IT

Ya I Have Wirless

what do you mean? whats your setup?

No it doesn’t