Cod 5 waw| infection lobby | god mode |noclip

Heres what to do guys

- Join the session of xXFuhq MoDDeRXx Back out and start up a split screen game (Leave map and everything the same) In the game hit back (select button) and hit LB and the left D-pad

Thats it now go online and have fun:)


To get it to work, while in your split screen game join the session of someone else who is in a game already or have a friend find a match and invite you!


EDIT: Post legit once in please thanks!

Bump for others

Legit, thanks.

Legit thanks!

Can this work in zombies somehow?

Went offline?
Any Chance to come back online?

Could you please pm me the XeX?

i thought god mode didnt work…

I will pay Microsoft points to get god mode no jokeing around want it bad I will give 1600 to who ever does it. And maybe throw in another 1600 if itz done by monday this week anytime PLEASE message this account on this web site if you can