CoD Advanced Warfare Veteran Saves

Rehash/Resign to your profile, load up and complete the mission.

Saves download, another dl link
Virus Scan

15 levels 15 different saves, give about 400 gamerscore.

let me know if they don’t work

amazing post thank you very much mate ill report back when im done downloading the game and tried them

ITs not letting me download gives me a error can u upload somewhere else?

Yeah man I’ll edit op with a new link once I’m home, unless someone uploads them for you.

Edit - new link added

Thank’s Man Testing it out

Hey man those saves just bring up the completed screen for me only save that gave me completed on veteran is Aftermath and all the rest didnt give me nothing and 2 of them made me start from the start of the mission

Erm, sorry for bumping, but these saves are Recruit not Veteran…

The levels were done on veteran by myself, but I took the game save off my hdd after I had completed the mission. Some start at the end of the level and some woll start new games.
I’d update them but I don’t have internet at my home anymore to upload them :confused: