COD black ops 1 dlc, Profile transfer?

Recently my buddy downloaded a four of five DLC packs for black ops one into my xbox, and I like that already, but I really hate having to enter his profile every time I want to play on one of the maps in the DLCs’. Anyways I have horizon and I already tried file transfer, but all the boxes in the DLC are greyed out and filled with zeros. I dont know if I skrewed something up or what, but i cant seem to resign the packs, Thanks to anyone!:smiley:

You can’t transfer content such as DLC. It is signed and you would need your KV to make it work. He will need to license transfer if you don’t want to login every time.

yep only 2 ways to get your friends DLC first way is license transfer his account to your xbox second u could buy a jtag or rtag xbox and download them for free but it could cost like 300 bucks for a new xbox lol

There was one of the packs that would work properly without you having to sign into his account. I forget which one but it was set so once he installs it on your xbox it stays unlocked. The rest of them work the normal way as intended however.