CoD Black Ops 3 To Possibly Deal With Memory Implants And Alteration

[/img]The latest teasers coming out of Snapchat in relation to Call of Duty Black Ops III may well point towards memory implantation in patients. This is exceptionally interesting in regards to Call of Duty because it points towards a gameplay story that doesn’t rely on the, “here’s the bad guy, he’s actually a good guy, that bloke is the real bad guy, go kill him” storyline. A plot that follows memory implants is an inherently interesting one.

It says in the teasers that patients can’t distinguish between their own memories, and implanted memories, this means that an everyday person could live their life normally until one day they get a memory dropped into their head and from that point onwards, they’re a war veteran as far as they’re concerned. Of course, this leaves the door wide open for a generic mind wipe experiment story which would have the protagonist be the bad guy, and he simply doesn’t remember.

But let’s try and avoid something so cheap and go for a deeper narrative. Call of Duty could certainly use it. Popular Youtube user MrDalekJD does a pretty neat job in analyzing this theory. You can check out the video below. As usual, this should be taken with a grain of salt. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has already been confirmed by Activison and will most likely release this year.