COD: Black Ops III Failed to Load Cheats

hi im using infinite to cheat and improve self performance on my COD BO3 but everytiome i try load game i get a error please see attached screenshot to see what is happening please help me…

You can’t use Infinity with BO3 unless you have a version from just slightly after launch.

OMG no way man thats soo lame all my other games work soo how do i find my games version and is there a way to downgrade to the working version basically i just want to cheat to unlock certain things and then stop cheating on that specific game

You should be able to get an older version on steam, you can google for instructions. Otherwise you can pirate an older version. The trainer stopped working because of an anti-cheat that was added in a patch.

Infinity could actually now work with bo3 but i haven’t had time yet to implement the trainer. There’s not much demand for it anyway (from Pro members)

So is @sNaKe correct saying they put a anti cheat patch and ahh man i would like infinite yo enable cheats for bo 3