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[b]Yupp I Have Made a CoD Black ops Playercard EXE. This Application allows you To Make Emblems For Black ops, But Its just a Preview You can NOT use for Xbox, PSN ETC. This Will Just preview your Work. Enjoy

EDIT: All You Haters saying I Didnt Make It, Well I Made an EXE Version of The Website. See I Made The EXE So Ha[/b]


I Have Uploaded 2 Downloads, A Download To the EXE & a download to a .ZIP Folder.
EXE: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

ZIP: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

[b]Virus Scan:




Me <-- Maker

CaRBoN <-- Teste[/b]r


Call of Duty: Black Ops Playercard Generator and Emblem Editor | lol

Nice try, you didn’t make that. Sooooo old. Stop failing please.

I made the EXE program Not the Website Lol You fail. even if I Just Added That To an EXE It Means I made EXE


Oh gawd!

inb4 flame war.


Please people stop the flaming. It doesn’t matter if he made it or not imo at least he is sharing something with us. If you guys want to cry and ***** about who is right take it up with the moderators because flaming and talking **** in the forums isn’t the right way to go about it.

Thanks nips we just tryn to help out

Yes but flaming a guy who claims he made something is just dumb. If it’s really that important they can go complain to a moderator.

old but lets not flame him guys. just calm down everyone…

Someone else did the EXACT same thing, he made the exe. We told him to GTFO too.

well done

And how does that make you look on the forums flaming for no reason really. like he made the exe but if you really dont believe it tell a mod

Uber ****ing cool, that’s how I look! :sunglasses:

I have a better idea, He could just gtfo and watch the Super Bowl :smile:

old… lol

All i get when i open it is.

idk broski

Here what i get