COD:Black Ops Zombies Iso Mods?

So i think that people have all the stuff decrypted but are the black ops zombies modable from hotswaping?

I don’t know if it’s possible to zombies through ISO modding. But if you can, then yes you should be able to hotswap.

no all files are signed on black ops so as of now iso mods = impossible


Not possible…Yet

And what exactly has to be done for it to become possible?What is holding it back and making it impossible.

You can’t just make it possible. If you could just make it possible then we would have done ISO mods for every CoD game. It’s just that the patch_mp.ff has nothing to do with zombies anymore and even if it did, then there would still be the security to get round which is impossible. It was only ever possible in CoD5, because there was no security for it.

i think they are encrypted with rsa

Si senior!


Dought online iso mods will ever be made for BO, possibly for offline though.

Again as I always say, Nothing is Impossible. There is always a way. You just have to find it.

not able to do right now :smile: only ISO mods i think are WaW

i think they learned lesson from w@w

Well the only way is a JTAG…