CoD: BO Online Prestige Glitch! *READ*


  1. Get level 50 in combat training. (I suggest Nuketown FFA, and the gunship killstreak)

  2. Get a friend to host a party in regular multiplayer.

  3. Select playercard, and hover over Prestige.

4)Get them to switch it to combat training.

  1. Select the Prestige option (if it puts you in an emblem screen, just cancel and dont save), then More Info.

  2. Get the host to switch it to multiplayer again.
    Continue with the prestige prompts, until you get the new icon.

  3. Repeat as many times as you want
    You can prestige from any MP level, as long as your CT level is 50!

I suggest doing it before it gets patched! So Hurry!

Credit goes to S7’s!

are you 101% positive this works?

im only lvl 30 FFS

Worked. 5th prestige

i’m only lvl 27 :cry:

Im Gonna Try this today :smiley:

Works good, heres a video

Just got to 15th prestige. Hoping I will not be banned or reset soon.

Wholy Sh**! I’m going to crap if this works!

This doesnt work >.<

Yes it does, it was tested and posted working bye many people. Plus TTG_Sean said it worked as well. You should try it before saying that :wink:

Worked for my friend.

Works, I’m prestige 13 lions FTW.

Do you have to be Level 50 on mulitplayer? If so i am not doing this glitch

What are the ban probabilities out of curiousity? I’m sure Treyarch is watching. They always are.

It Works In Combat Training Not Actully Online Guys !!

where they HELL do you find these things??

It worked online for my friend.

This does work online. but in most cases you will be banned. Treyarch ain’t going to let this beat them

Takes Too Long To Do Lol **** It