COD Elite Clan - Lucky Charms

Welcome To The Lucky Charms Clan Thread!:slight_smile:

If the clan Lucky Charms gets to level 5 we get our own clan title just for the clan it will say “Lucky Charms” and if we make it to level 10 we will have our own GOLD CLAN TAG.You can help by telling your friends and by joining. Check below to see what level we are currently.

If you want to join leave a post below or send a message to GT: Oneontree

Current Clan Level: 2

Clan Level 5: Not Reached Yet
Clan Level 10: Not Reached Yet

Update 1: Name Changed to Zombie Killers
Update 2: Name Changed to Lucky Charms

Gamertag - Alternate.

Thank you.

Funeraleee , invite , please

Your friends list is full Uzi.

GT: Gay Orientation



whats up jonny

Do you have to have Premium Elite? If not, invite me! < 3
GT: Plastic Willy x

Everyone can join it just helps if you have elite :smile:

Uzi I invited you :smile:

RZR Panda :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s weird Decal it’s saying I can’t invite you and your real GT is Panda Mahn or something.


Yeah I know maybe because your from sweden 0_o

Sorry for posting this twice, but could you invite me good sir?

GT: x iPsyTraNzZz

x FatTurtle x

Gamertag- Snow Hateful

Thanks man!

GT:x iPsyTraNzZz

Keep trying