Cod ghost spectrum Camo for 360

I will be given away a spectrum Camo for ghost

how do i get it do i9 download it

you have to win first

Hope u enjoy the giveaway contest:thumbsup: ill have more in the future

Good luck who ever wins

You might want to edit your post instead of double posting but thanks for the giveaway.

how do I enter

check link

why pick 4 weeks not cool.

If you Guys want more giveaways just thank me to let me know and the next one will be for golden saw for DR3

Im in! Only one month left to go!

4 Weeks tho? That’s a pretty long time.

Thank you

Probably fake, just guessing because it’s 4 weeks long, and the Spectrum Camos were around March or February…

Done in a couple hours. Hope it was worth it to at least one of us. ( Please be real)