COD: Ghosts Mod request

Hi again,

Is there any way to mod your squad points in cod ghosts?
like, can i change them through a gp finder or a profile editor, or something like that?


Please comment a link to a mod tool or something like that.
Also comment if you are confused, etc.

If I’m not misstaken “Squad Points” are the points which you unlock items and stuff in Multi?

If that is the case then no, WeMod does not mod online games.

Squad Points is also linked online (if it’s what I’m thinking it is) and even adding a single point to it would get you banned.

What @Mikango said is right, You cannot mod them through Wemod or Horizon since its linked to your online account. Only way to get them modded is through a JTAG or RGH and you shouldn’t get banned that quick (if you can even get banned on that game anymore) if you get a recovery for Ghosts since i’m pretty sure the support for the game has ended a couple of years ago.

what about offline modding through other modding methods?

What would be the point though story i kinda boring

You can only mod Campaign, MP and Extinction require a jtag or rgh and modding sp is so boring anyways i suggest you don’t even try to mod it you’ll get bored instantly