Cod Online or Roblox Cheats Please

I dont know if i am supposed to be requesting games here, but i know that people LOVE Cod Online (which is a Chinese Cod) And a bunch of people from America LOVE PLAYING IT. the guns and everything are cool, but they are hard to get especially when you dont know what anything means. if you could add a tool where we can translate everything and make it so we have like unlimited currency that would be cool. Now onto Roblox, that might sound stupid to most people but who wouldn’t want to look cool and have like everything whether you play it or not? it is just a game that bunch of people play and therefore lots of people would donate torwards those games, thanks.

We will not make cheats for online games so you will not see cheats for Roblox. As for CODOL since it is only officially available in China it would limit the amount of users that would use the cheats. My guess is a lot of it is also server side which would make it impossible for us to do anything with.

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Get rid of your addiction. Cheating in online games sucks

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make roblox compatable I want phatom forses and jaile brake hacks

WeMod does not condone cheating in multiplayer.