CoD WaW Save [Download] [USB]

Mods included:


[details=Open Me]Infinite Health
Infinite Ammo
Super Melee
Laser Dot Sight
Low AI Accuracy
And More


[details=Open Me]Custom Ammo Warning Colors
Pick Up Weapons From A Long Radius
Custom MOTD
Custom Team Names
Bind Menu (God/Noclip)
And More

  1. Download file
  2. Rehash and resign
  3. Put on USB and put on to your Xbox360
  4. Resume game
  5. Save and quit game

If something is wrong please let me know, otherwise, enjoy!

When u say multiplayer do you mean zombies or online multiplayer?

Both, but not all mods will work in zombies, like custom team colors.
They should work, but something might go wrong.

Okay cool I thought the only mods you could get for multiplayer were on jtag.

I don’t think it’s only for Jtag, sorry if something goes wrong though.

If you find something wrong, send me a PM and I will most likely get to it in the morning.

nice but these wouldnt work on multiplayer such as tdm or snd because as soon as you load that part of the game up those infections get erased. idk if the method used for modding svg is patched on a gpd but if possible u can do it there

Alright, thanks for letting me know .

Nice thread I’ll try these out later.

Ok awesome, I guess the MP mods won’t work though, sorry :confused:

does this mod work with the zombies mod menu you made that kicks you from campaign

the last post was from 09-23-2012, you’re not allowed to bump old threads

how do i download it xD ?

it doesnt even say resume game

We should mean multiplayer because it says multiplayer. And also I’am having troble downloading multiplayer please help me.

This thread is 3 years old, not sure how you will go with it now…

No download just pops open spam tabs for virus installs

Do people create accounts just to bump threads?

it sais the file was removed

This thread is 4 years old and I doubt there is any way he still has this.