COD4 Bot Lobby!

Title Says It All !

~Thank the post.
~Post your gamertag and legit to
keep thread alive.

Once I have Invited You Please Follow These Steps :

1.Back out of my game once you got the map.

2.Go to System-Link.

3.Now once you are there start game.

4.CRITICAL! Make sure you DO NOT SPAWN IN.
(If you somehow don’t do it right and bots spawn in, dashboard and repeat steps)

5.Go back to Xbox Live

6.Private match

7.Change map to shipment.

8.If you want headshots, put headshots only enabled, and if you dont want the enemies to have martydom, take off perks.
(Make sure to appear offline so random people dont join)
People say that if you put Non-Joinable bots won’t spawn in, so I’d just appear offline.

9.Have Fun !

Have A Nice Day :smiley:

Post Legit !

Inv “QuickSilver xD” Legit :slight_smile:

will the xp stick from prvt game

inv HatefulACE HD

Umm I am not sure but you are welcome to test.

Does it have to be shipment?

No it does not but shipments the easiest map.

Legit …

Invite NXE Kyler. Im on your friends list.


You can’t request thanks.

ITs to keep post alive and to show I am legit. And also I am not requesting its optional if you want the map or not.

Invite StevenWongo

Will edit once I’ve seen

AND You’re NOT aloud to ask for thanks.

You still doing this?

is this still happening?

Rules are rules, no asking for thanks, also thanks dont make a thread alive, and we can say legit when we enter.

LEGIT! invite FraLix Mist

im planing on doing this on Tuesday after school since ill be done with finals finally lol

inv me GT: QSM VeNoM v2

Can you send me and invite today plz m8 my gamertag is M4GiiK x SK1LLZ thankyou :smile:

aRe you still hosting??

Send invite to GT: iLL Outblast