Cod4 - Dvars Online Multiplayer

Again not on JTAG and after all patches, just showing it’s still possible on Cod4 aswell. I will host some lobbies for XboxMB tomorrow. :smiley:

You are a boss, but if you are worried about it getting patched people have been modding their prestige on Zombies on WaW since May 2010 and there has been no patch, and people have even been deranking people on CoD4, WaW and MW2 in multiplayer for almost a month with no update. I don’t think they care anymore… release :smile:

I hate you Lee :smile:

IS that a private match? wow wow

modded gpd?

If its not on JTAG what’s it on?



It has to do with The button and stick layout, Maybe it’s like the old WAW no clip. IDK!!!1


Yeah but GPD? What?

Bro, Like Elliot said, they are not going to patch this! Please release!!!


EDIT: Sir. Jelly


you very Smexy :wink:

your a god D:
Please release?

We got a new Zrueda here?

Lolwut? :expressionless: What did Zrueda do?
Am I missing something… D:

It has to do with a fast restart, like Blackops. And it brings the Private match into matchmaking with the fast restart and you have to blind those onto the button and stick layout. So it’s a combination of Call of Duty WAW no clips for Zombies A LONG TIME AGO and Black ops fast restart!

Just so newbies don’t think this is an infection, you can’t infect jump_height.

Zrueda is always making one smiley replies.

Their not going to release it, they abandoned all the old CODs