COD4 .GPD's Offline Only

First of all i would like to say, this is my topic. Its off TTG, i posted.

So with the black ops .GPD demand, i have decided to release some cod 4 ones.
However, this can only take place offline. And you need to clear your system cache.

Please bare in mind, if your COD4 game freezes, simply sign out, re-inject your profile and sign in when the game has loaded

Cod Jumper v2 - Download 415607E6.gpd
This contains : Pro mod, low gravity, basic cartoon vision.
Activation : Start button = Cartoon and gravity. Also Gold desert eagle ammo.
Back button = Godmode (toggle) And RPG ammo.

Super .GPD - 415607E6.gpd
This contains : Pro Mod, Low gravity, Basic cartoon vision, every gun, unlimited ammo.
Activation : Dpad right = Godmode (Toggle) Dpad left = No Clip (Toggle) Dpad Down= All guns and ammo.

Cartoon Vision + Xp Mod - Download 415607E6.gpd
This contains : Super Jump, god mode, +2.417e007 per kill, cartoon vision
Activation : Start button, activated xp mod. Back activates godmode.

Visions - Download 415607E6.gpd
This contains : Green Square, Rainbow vision, Black vision, Godmode, Super Jump
Activation : Start = Black vision + Godmode, Back Button = Rainbow vision

Verification - Download 415607E6.gpd
This contains : Verification, super jump, godmode
Activation - Back button = Lock player, Start button = Verify(Toggle Godmode)

Aimbot - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
This Contains - Green Square, Red Laser, All Guns, Toggle ProMod
Activation - Back Button = Aimbot, DPAD Down = Toggle Pro Mod(3 different) + All guns

Bullet Traces + Auto M16 - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
This contains - Bullet Traces, Laser Sight, All Guns, Automatic M16, Godmode, Super Jump
Activation - Back Button = All mods

Cool Visions - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
This Contains - Toggle 3 cool new visions, ufo mode
Activation - Start button = Toggle Vision, Back Button = UFO

Mod Menu (first ever for cod 4)- Being Fixed Now
This contains - Noclip, Godmode, Lasersight, Super Jump, Text Instructions
Activation - Press Back To see the menu.
Please note, this will be a little buggy, as i have not had the time to sit and focus on it, i did this as a quick release and will add updated versions of the menu

Modern Warfare 2
No recoil - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
This contains - No gun recoil
Activation - Automatic ( I have only tried this once, and it worked)

I will also be making custom .GPD’s, Pm me what you would like. COD4 Only

Thanks to OpTicXMODS for the video.

I have to give you, or someone else the props for making these. Also to insert a youtube video you just need insert the media tags.

One I didnt make, the others were made for others or for myself.
And the video is added.

thanks dude! great post

Very good!
I am waiting for the Mod Menu :smiley:
It’s all looking great!
Well done so far :smiley:

It would be nice if this got sticked and updated every once in a while
Just sayin

I also agree with you.
The Mod Menu will be popular (hopefully)

I do update on a regular basis, however im running out of stuff to put in them D:

I’m wondering, if I go on System Link, and do the xbox LIVE unlocks, would the XP mod work ?


Yes, you can prestige. But turn your xbox off, and it goes.

there was a program with all of these, is that where you got it from?

i have the program somewhere on my PC :stuck_out_tongue:

1 of them is from the program, others are made by myself. :wink:

I’m gunna try and work on some sort of spg to try and get these online again :smiley:

Good luck.

Oh that sucks, what if you do that, go online get a few kills Level up and it would save to servers. Like the Black Ops .GPD mods ?

You can try it if you want :wink:

Message is not needed.

Cache needs to be cleared :wink:

I Hope you get them back online :smiley:

What’s up with the Modern Warfare 2 .GPD. It doesn’t let you move your sights ?